Aura Bălănescu

Media artist

After obtaining the BA / MA diploma at the Sculpture Department (2003) and completing the PhD studies in Visual Arts (2010) at the Faculty of Fine Arts, West University of Timisoara, Aura Bălănescu became known for her theoretical and practical explorations on the media sculpture, a concept that investigates the paradigm shift of artistic processuality produced by the impact of electrical technology during the 20th century. In her view, the introduction of electric light in the process of visual art led to the projection of the objectual artwork into an environment full of multimedia and synaesthetic effects.

Starting from the stereoscopic representation to the interactive and immersive digital installation, her artistic projects were presented in contemporary art festivals, including Art Danube Novi Sad (2018), Elektro Arts Cluj (2018), Art Encounters Biennale Timișoara (2015). Also, her theoretical approaches were presented in international conferences such as Stereo & Immersive Media, Lusofona University of Humanities and Technology Lisbon (2018), Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, 7th edition RE:TRACE / Danube University, Krems/Göttweig/Vienna (2017) and 5th edition RE:NEW / RIXC Centre of New Media Art Riga (2013).

In 2014, she co-founded the Avantpost Platform for manifesting and archiving local artists that work at the confluence of art, science and technology.

Aura Bălănescu
  • Hidden Shadows

  • Human Imprints I

  • Human Imprints II

  • Midnight Sun

  • Third State of Mind