LIGHT EDU Symposium

4 - 6 October 2018
Timisoara, Romania


LIGHT EDU is a comprehensive programme of educational, informational, research and cultural mediation events in the field of architectural and technical lighting in Romania. The programme was initiated out of the necessity of of long-term substantiation of the lighting design practice in Romania, where there is still a need to raise the awareness of the importance of interior and urban lighting. The symposium is organized by Romanian Order of Architects – Timiș Territorial Branch, in partnership with the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism from Timișoara.

LIGHT EDU Symposium's mission is to create the framework for a sustained dialogue on lighting design, stimulating the polarisation of a group of lighting design professionals and highlighting the importance of light in the perception and definition of architectural spaces. Hence, we propose the diversification and enlargement of the discussion groups in the field of lighting and lighting design in Romania.

LIGHT EDU Symposium 2018 aims to consolidate the educational platform set up at the first edition of the 2016 event, thus making it a further step towards fulfilling the vision of a context in which lighting is understood to be the most direct way of nonverbal communication through which a space can be perceived and one of the most powerful tools for night-time activation of cities.

LIGHT EDU Symposium 2018

LIGHT FOR CITIES - Using light for improving the perception of the city

"Lighting is an essential and ubiquitous part of the urban landscape. Public lighting, from iconic bridges and buildings to streets and intersections, can contribute to the socioeconomic and cultural prosperity of a region."

Susanne Seitinger

Artificial lighting evolved as a means to conquer the darkness, extending the time for using the city. Urban lighting has a major role in the activation of the public space and facilitates the apparition of civic culture. From a cultural and economical perspective, the public spaces which benefit from a good lighting project improve the quality of public life, allowing people to live, work and use the city for recreational purposes outside the daylight hours.

On the other hand, artificial lighting is used for communication, architecture becoming a broadcasting medium. The contemporary technologies used in lighting today offer new possibilities of using light as a communicator, marking the transition from functional lighting to communication.

“Successful lighting design is as much about choreographing darkness as it is about delivering light.”

Susanne Seitinger

We intend to bring up the topics of redefining the urban lighting for the ecological, recreational and economic benefits of cities.

Trying to claim lighting as a way to enhance the experience of urban space, the event is shaped as a response to the current local context, stating the pressing need for dialogue in negotiating lighting issues and drawing attention to the importance of urban lighting. Although lighting has always had symbolic associations, being a means of expressing political or economic power, it is not only a functional matter, it is, first and foremost, a matter of culture, an act with profound urban implications that affects all inhabitants of the city.

“Lighting, however much it is rooted in technology and infrastructure, is deeply social.”

The symposium is open to all who want to learn about the complexity of light.

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Emre Gunes

Lighting Design Advocate

Chiara Carucci

Lighting Designer

Roger Narboni

Lighting designer

Lara Elbaz

Lighting designer

Marco Bevolo

Researcher and lecturer

Aura Bălănescu

Media artist

Iulian Angheluță

Social activist and activist of light

Ana Anakijev

Art historian and independent producer

Kevin Finnan

Choreographer and Artistic Director

Stefan Paskucz

Architect and lighting designer


Designers’ alliance for the lighting culture


Collective of lighting designers and photographers

Saving the dark

directed by Sriram Murali

80% of the world’s population live under light polluted skies. What do we lose when we lose sight of the stars? Excessive and improper lighting robs us of our night skies, disrupts our sleep patterns and endangers nocturnal habitats. Saving the Dark explores the need to preserve night skies and what we can do to combat light pollution. Created in association with the International Dark-Sky Association.


29.09 - 3.10.2018 WORKSHOP

4.10 - 6.10.2018 CONFERENCES

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Lupercales (Barcelona) 29.09-3.10.2018

The workshop is open to people who are interested in architectural lighting. Under the creative and didactic coordination of LUPERCALES, the lighting design team from Barcelona, ​​the participants will create temporary artistic installations based on a site-specific concept which will improve the perception of space around and on the iron pedestrian bridge in Timisoara.

The workshop sessions will be held in Timisoara and will consist in planning and creating the lighting installations using professional control devices and systems. The educational component of the workshop will focus on the ergonomics and perception of a space that is accentuated by artificial light. Each participant will have the opportunity to experiment with the development, testing and implementation of the concept and design of urban lighting for a real site.

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Light Edu 2016

"Organized by architects, with an audience of mostly architects and students of architecture and design, the symposium was accessible to anyone interested in the theoretical and practical aspects of lighting design. Useful information was delivered to the architect, but also to the frequent visitor of the Jecza gallery or simply to the layman who could be the client of a lighting project.

We believe that the first edition of the symposium has achieved its purpose: attracting and informing a public in the field of spatial planning through the visual elements of the exhibition, through the exceptional projects presented, with their artistic and social dimensions, without neglecting the need to expose the scientific aspects of lighting technology, which make the lighting designer profession a very distinct practice."

LIGHT EDU 2016 Retrospective LIGHT EDU 2016 Photographs LIGHT EDU 2016 Website




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Consiliul Judetean Timis

Bulevardul Revoluţiei 1989 nr. 17

The symposium will take place in the auditory of the Timiș County Council, an extension of the previous Administrative Palace, completed in 2010, following the project of PRODID architecture office (authors: arch. Șerban Sturdza, arch. Mihai Zegrea). The first floor is the piano nobile, with direct access on a monumental staircase starting from the square of the Faculty of Medicine. The interior courtyard of the older building was covered with a glazed roof, hosting an exhibition hall and foyer to the auditorium, highlighting the old facade.


Alexandra Maier
Event coordinator


Alexandra Spiridon


Maria Sgîrcea


Silvia Tripsa