Emre Güneş

Lighting Design Advocate

Formerly an industrial engineer, he lives and breathes lighting design. By a series of coincidences, he started publishing the only architectural lighting design magazine in Turkey back in 2005. Since then he kept reading, writing, learning, searching and organising events about lighting design.

He is the editor in chief of PLD (Professional Lighting Design) Türkiye magazine since 2006. He was the Turkish representative of PLDA (Professional Lighting Designers’ Association) from 2007 till it was closed in 2014. During this period, he has organised more than 20 events including conferences, workshops, Guerilla Lighting, Light walks and so on. Many firsts in the lighting design world in Turkey happened with its initiative. He has helped a change in the Turkish market from 0 independent lighting design office to 15 today within 13 years.

Since 2011, he is trying to raise awareness for light pollution . Including screening “The city dark” documentary in major cities (Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir) and giving talks at different events and universities, he has gathered many different interest parties into the same platform to discuss the issue.

At the beginning of 2014, he co-founded Ağustos Teknoloji. He’s introducing innovative lighting technologies to the Turkish market. Since May 2018, he has taken the role as the business development director for LIGMAN.

He’s been an active speaker and moderator in both national and international events.

Emre Güneş