Lara Elbaz


Founder of Lara Elbaz Lighting Design, she believes light is emotion and therefore, the ideal tool to improve the experience of our built environment and make it more enjoyable, comfortable, exciting and sustainable.

With a degree in Interior Design, she completed a Lighting Design postgraduate course at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid and is fully committed to light since 1995. After working for an international manufacturer where she acquired solid technical training, she consolidated her lighting design experience at Architectural Lighting Solutions (ALS) where she participated in the design and execution of internationally recognised projects.

Since 2008, she combines her professional activity as independent architectural lighting designer for permanent and ephemeral projects with an intense educational activity. She co-directs the Lighting Design Master course at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid since 2008 and has been workshop head for a number of student’s workshops around the world.

She currently holds the position of Secretary at the Spanish Lighting Designers Association board (APDI), where she actively contributes with her work to increase the culture of light and the recognition of the Lighting Designer profession. She lives and works in Madrid, Spain.

Lara Elbaz
  • Al Mohalab Shopping mall, Kuwait

  • Pez Shop, Madrid

  • Nirvana Home, Kuwait

  • Rivers of Light: Lighting Route in Valladolid, Spain


Lara Elbaz Lighting Design