29.09-3.10.2018 Workshop

lead by Lupercales (Barcelona)

The workshop is open to people who are interested in architectural lighting. Under the creative and didactic coordination of LUPERCALES, the lighting design team from Barcelona, ​​the participants will create temporary artistic installations based on a site-specific concept which will improve the perception of space around and on the iron pedestrian bridge in Timisoara.

The workshop sessions will be held in Timisoara and will consist in planning and creating the lighting installations using professional control devices and systems. The educational component of the workshop will focus on the ergonomics and perception of a space that is accentuated by artificial light. Each participant will have the opportunity to experiment with the development, testing and implementation of the concept and design of urban lighting for a real site.


Lupercales is a team of lighting designers from Barcelona that designs architectural lighting and have implemented numerous lighting installations in public spaces.

Their proposal, "Public space intervention: The concept of appropriation" is to illuminate the public space in order to strengthen the sense of belonging of the user, creating the framework through which he can control what is happening in his vicinity. "Creating a comfortable ambience, and the possibility to personalize the light, will allow us to send the message that the city is everyone’s, a place that you would take care and be proud of.”

“We want the user/visitor to take an active role in the configuration of the space, contributing to the mood and emotions that can be communicated by means of lighting. This change in the everyday perception of the space will affect in a positive way the relationship between the citizen and the urban environment, as it will reveal new qualities that were until then invisible.”

“We will provide switches and actuators, in the form of old fashioned knobs and devices for the visitors to manipulate and modify the intensity of the different light sources in the lighting scheme. A friendly and intuitive interface for visitors to interact with the lighting system. No sensors or hidden devices, but material and intuitive tools, to make the action of the user visible and clear.”

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Photo: Álvaro Valdecantos (Lupercales)