29.09-3.10.2018 Workshop

lead by Lupercales (Barcelona)

The workshop is dedicated to the ones with a real interest in the field of architectural lighting and it will produce 3 urban lighting installations, exploring the perception of space and socially activating some urban neglected areas from Timișoara. The process of concept development, discussion moderation and the implementation of the installations will be lead by Lupercales, a team of lighting designers from Barcelona with an extensive academic experience.

The sites proposed for the implementation of the lighting installations are buildings and structures belonging to the architectural heritage of Timişoara or green urban areas from neglected areas.

Both participants and the local community will benefit from the end result. These places will be socially activated at night, giving the community the chance to directly experience the effects of good quality urban lighting.


Lupercales is a team of lighting designers working in the field of architectural and stage lighting, with an extensive experience in implementing lighting installations in public space.

Their proposal is to light a public space with the purpose of creating a homely feeling, to help the visitor feel at home and gain control over what will happen. A comfortable ambience, and the possibility to personalize the light, will allow us to send the message that the city is a place of your own, that you would take care and be proud of.

An ephemeral artistic installation, with a concept behind which would be applied to ordinary urban lighting design, will be realised. The educational process will discuss the ergonomic dimension, the human scale, and a perception-oriented lighting design process.

We want the users/visitors to take an active role in the configuration of the space, contributing to the atmosphere and emotions that can be communicated through lighting design. This change in the everyday perception of the space will positively affect the relationship between the citizen and the urban environment, as it will reveal new qualities that were since then invisible.

During four days, the workshop sessions will consist in planning and building the installation, using professional equipment such as light fixtures and control tools. Every attendant will have the opportunity to gain hands-on practice in the development and testing on site of a full-scale mock-up of a lighting design, oriented to a better perception of urban space by the users and visitors.

We will soon launch the call for workshop registration. Should you wish to receive information about the workshop sooner, please contact us!

Photo: Álvaro Valdecantos (Lupercales)